Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lab 5- St. Mary's

St. Mary's Lab #5

This week at St. Mary's I was with the older kids. Usually when you're with the older kids you start off in the basement and play games and play with board games, legos, etc but it was such a nice day out that we went outside to play on the playground. I had a great time with the kids while we were outside. I got involved and was playing tag with the kids. When we went inside I led a game and I though the kids really enjoyed it. At first the kids didn't want to play but once I explained what we were doing and once we started playing the students really seemed to be enjoying themselves. The game I had the students play was basketball tag. Everyone had a basketball and I selected who was it based on shirt colors because it is quick and it gives all the students a chance to be it. The object of the game was for the taggers to try and knock away everyones basketball. If your basketball got knocked away you had to do 10 jumping jacks before you were allowed back into the game. I thought my game ran very well and I thought it was very affective. I'm really enjoying having the opportunity to go to St. Mary's, I can't believe we only have 1 more lab left.

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