Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lab D- Table Tennis


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Well Lab D is finally over, it just seems like the semester just started but it's starting to wind down. My Lab D was on Table Tennis, this lesson created a few problems for me. One thing that I really had to bring into consideration was the size of the rooms we were using. We were in the Squash courts so it was tough to find ways to use the rooms effectively. I decided to use 3 different rooms. One room had no tables and was used for my instant activity, the next room had 6 half tables in it so that the students could really work on the skills that we were learning, and the final room had 3 tables set up to practice the cross court shot and also to play games. I thought that I actually did pretty well on this teaching lesson, I hit a lot of good points and the students seemed to be having a good time. I still have a few area's that I need to work on. I still need to try and slow down when I'm explaining skill to the students, sometimes I get ahead of myself and jumble up my words. For this lesson I should of used more intratask variation. Some students were pretty good so I could of had them go into a different room and work on harder skills. This lesson I also decided to use pinpointing a few times. Pinpointing is a good way for the students to show each other how the skill looks or how it's performed. I'm really anxious to keep learning as much as I can and keep improving my teaching skills every day.

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