Saturday, March 5, 2011

Powerpoint Lessons and St. Mary's Lab 2- cartoon theme

Here is my Motor Development Lab.
This week in class we started to present our powerpoints to the class. Our group the " playground pirates" had chapter 4. We all worked hard on our powerpoint and really pulled in a lot of information. It was also nice to be able to see other groups present their chapters because it helps you learn the information and also gave you ideas on how you should present you chapter. This week we went back to St. mary's and this time at the begining we had the chance to evaluate two students and assess them on running, galloping, and hoping. This week I was in the classroom with the kindergarten students. We had cartoon pictures for the students to color in, and I also sang a mickey mouse version of the hokey pokey. I had a lot of fun working with the students this week and I look forward to going back next week.

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