Sunday, March 13, 2011

Second Jump Rope Lesson- heel lift and straddle run

here is my Time coding form.

here is my feedback analysis

here is my Verbal Transcript

This week we had our second jump rope lab. The skills that I had for my jump rope lab were the heel lift and the straddle run. I feel like I did better on this lab than the first jump rope lab. I felt a lot more comfortable this time around, I also knew what to expect from the first jump rope lab. Every day I'm learning more and more and I feel like I'm making progress. One thing that I need to do better in my next teaching lesson is stop saying " you guys." When I say it I'm talking to everyone but I need to stop using that and maybe change it to "everyone." Another thing that I need to do better is try to spend less time talking and giving instruction and spend more time performing our skills and activities. I hope to keep learning and getting better every single day.

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