Thursday, February 24, 2011

Chapter 7

4) List six behaviors teachers can engage in during activity that have the potential to directly contribute to lesson objecive.
            1- Observe and assess students
            2- maintain awareness and also maintain a positive and productive learning environment
            3- make sure your students understand the task that you provided them with
            4- assisst students that might need help with the skill
            5- provide the students with feedback
            6- keep a safe learning environment

6) How can a teacher get off task students on task?
                  I think that in order to keep students on task you should have a strong voice. If the students can barely hear you they wont pay attention to anything that your saying. If you have a loud voice it also gets the attention of the students very quickly. You should also always keep your eyes on your entire class. You want to be able to see everyone so you can observe and assess students but also so that the students don't start fooling around behind your back. I would also make my lessons fun and interesting. Sometimes kids don't pay attention in physical education because they are bored of the same old lessons. If you make your lessons fun it could make students remain on task and also participate more.

7) Write an example for each of the following types of feedback.

              1) Great job throwing the football today class, next time we just really need to work on following through to our target.
                2) Stop talking, I told everyone before when I'm talking everyone is to stop talking and pay attention.
                 3) Good job shooting today in lacrosse practice Billy, tommorow lets try and work on trying to keep your arms a little bit farther away from your body when your shooting.

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