Sunday, February 27, 2011

reflecting on my jump rope lesson

here is my feedback analysis

here is my verbal transcript for lab B1

I believe that I have improved since our first teaching lessons. I have already learned so much in this course. During this lab I think that my voice has become better than before, I spoke loud and clearly so that everyone could hear me. I like how i started off without using a jump rope just so everyone could work on their foot work because this was a tricky/ackward skill to perform. As we started getting used to the movement patterns, then I added the jump rope. I also made sure that I kept my eyes on the class at all times and never turned my back to them. I made sure I was giving positive feedback but I should probably try and give a little more and also include more students. I really need to work on slowing everything down, I know everything I want to say and I have a ton of ideas but I start thinking ahead of myself. Since I didn't slow down I forgot to give an opening hook and thats a big way to get your class interested in the lesson that you're about to perform. I still need to work on my vocals, I still need to be a little bit louder. Overall I think this lab went very well but there is still a lot that I need to work on.

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