Thursday, February 10, 2011

PED 255- Chapter 2 questions 3+4

3)For using a skill themed approach, I think the best characteristic is to provide experiences appropriate to a child's developmental level, as opposed to age or grade level. I believe that this is the best one beause not all students have the same abilities so this would give students a chane to learn at their own pace and skill level. This gives the students a chance to improve their skills and not fall too far behind the rest of the class. In this approach students are assessed and the teacher selects the tasks acordingly and don't pre-determine what their going to do in class. In this approach a teacher might have bigger goals or challenges for one class than another one because this is based on their skill levels. I also feel that this approach would keep students more interested in P.E.

4) The concept of generic levels of skill proficieny relates to the skill them approach because the generic levels of skill proficieny deals with how well a student can perform a task. In order to figure out where your class and students stand in certain skills you need to assess them. You can use the generic levels of skill proficieny to figure out where each student stands and also to figure out which characteristic of the skill themed approach to use. With both of these we can figure out how hard of a task we can give to our students.

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