Tuesday, February 15, 2011

PED 255- chapter 8 questions 4,6,7

concept/theme/activity  --------- 3rd grade

establishing a learning environment- 4
Space Awareness- 3
Effort- 4
Relationships- 3
Traveling- 3
Chasing, Fleeing, dodging- 4
Jumping and Landing- 4
Rolling- 3
Balancing- 4
Transfering weight- 4
Kicking and punting- 4
Throwing and catching- 7
Volleying- 2
dribbling- 3
striking with rackets- 3
striking with hockey sticks- 3
Striking with golf clubs- 2
striking with bats- 3
Fitness/wellness conepts- 9
field day and other events- 6

For third grade you might spend more time on some areas than others in second or fourth grade because they are more developed than second graders but not might be at the same level as fourth graders. At this age I would have them start working more on striking objects than second grade. At this age you want to start working on fitness and wellness concepts because the students are starting to get older and need to start learning about healthy life styles and to keep staying active.

6) I think veteran teachers spend less time planning than beginning teachers because veteran teachers have been around a lot longer and they know exactly what to expect. Veteran teachers have had the experience and have put in the time where they don't have to spend that much time planning. Beginning teachers might not know what to expect so they plan out everything and put a lot of time into it. Veteran teachers also know how to plan, after a while it's second nature to them so it doesn't take them that long to plan.

7) If a teacher attempts to jam too many skill themes into a year the students will have a hard time learning the skills. For younger students it takes them longer to learn a skill than when you are older. You might cover a ton of material but the students wont learn the skills because you're not giving them enough time to learn and practice the skill. You might also not spend enough time on certain skills that could be valuable to these students in later years. This could also lead to students being left out because they haven't developed the skills that other students might already have.

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