Sunday, February 13, 2011

PED 201- Lab 1

1) While I was watching the interactions between St. Mary's students and my classmates I noticed that most students had good listening skills. I noticed that the younger students had a lot less of an attention span, so you need describe your lesson quickly and to the point so the students still stay interested. Most of the students remained on task but while I was watching I noticed the younger students running into the hallway during the middle of their games. Things that motivate these students are playing games that are fun and interesting. Most of the students get tired of the same old game, this is why it could be good to alter games just a little bit.

2) In the younger age levels motor behavior and social behavior is a little different than the older students. With the younger students it seemed like every student interacted with each other and played great together. The older students seemed to stick with their friends. I noticed in the older age group that there were a few students who were playing by themselves or just sitting on the side. This isn't good because the students feel left out because they aren't as good as others in physical activities. I do think that grade level, gender, and ability have an influence on motor behavior because not everyone is as developed at these ages. At this age I think that there could be a huge gap between their motor skills.

3) Some fine motor activities that I saw were basketball, soccer, and jump rope. You see younger students perform less fine motor activites because they aren't as developed yet as the older students. When I was watching the students play basketball I noticed that most of the girls were just as good as the boys.


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